Even politicians post things they regret later.

You can see the tweets they posted first, and deleted after on Politwoops.

Tom Blenkinsop

Labour Member of Parliament for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland & Guisborough Town FC President

.@grahamstuart a £180k property in my constituency will now cost £3600 in stamp duty, was £1800 yesterday.Tories addicted to indirect tax

@eddietruman @biscuit_ersed they snow did like.

RT @nickjgriffinbnp: Vote #UKIP to kick Cameron...but don't be fooled by Toryboy Nigel. http://t.co/GRTLaUPJqi

RT @mrjakehumphrey: Well done @LewisHamilton and all at @MercedesAMGF1. One bit of advice. Savour it.

RT @patrickwintour: Govt defeat in the Commons 284 to 269 on curbing PubCos. Extraordinary victory for @GregMulholland1 and a campaign fu…

@robbie9isgod @KarlTurnerMP we no. That doesn't make sense. You been talking to Gideon?

RT @StocktonSaysNo: @ilovestocktonme we love Stockton too - please sign & share our petition. change.org/p/love-product… #StocktonSaysNO to #B…

RT @StocktonSaysNo: @TomBlenkinsop #Boro fans protest to filming #BenefitsStreet on #Teesside sign the petition: change.org/p/love-product… ht…

Tom Blenkinsop (UKMPs) tweeted :

At my surgery now at Muriel St community centre in Carlin How. Halloween decorations are up ready for their Halloween bazaar 31/10/15 3-5pm