All deleted tweets from politicians

Proud Yamatji Noongar woman and Australian Greens Senator for WA. Pronouns: She/Her 🖤💛❤️ Authorised by D. Cox, Australian Greens, Canberra ACT 2600.

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WA and Qld are the only states without redress scheme for survivors of the Stolen Generations. #wapol

Vote for a safe climate. Vote 1 Greens ◽✊◽

RT @MRobertsQLD: RT @MRobertsQLD: They want to remove carbon dioxide. You breathe out carbon dioxide. They want to get rid of you!

RT @Greens: #BREAKING: The Greens will put Labor ahead of the Liberals across the country. If you follow the Greens' how to vote, your preferences will work to kick out the Liberals, & put the Greens in balance of power to push the next government further & faster on climate and inequality.

RT @greencate: RT @greencate: "We now know, as we do with tobacco and asbestos, that coal and gas kills." - @AdamBandt #auspol #coalkills

RT @antipovertycent: If you're earning $20k or less a year (like most JobSeeker recipients) the only affordable rental market for you is a 40min drive out of Karratha, WA. #BTPM

I have a child that is on the spectrum, and I am more than “blessed” that she is in my life. Just another reason why ScoMo's gotta go. #auspol

RT @AnnabelHennessy: Anthony Albanese now visiting assisted living facility in Gilmore. One resident Josephine exclaims “that looks like Albo” when he enters. She tells me she’s voting for the Greens though because climate change is her biggest issue of concern this election.

RT @SenatorThorpe: Your vote is powerful, because if just a few hundred people change their vote, we can kick the Libs out and put the Greens in balance of power. This means that the next Govt would need to consult us to make laws. That way, we can make laws that are good for people and Country.

RT @MehreenFaruqi: Just finished the last sitting day of this term of the Senate. We’ll be back for the 47th Parliament ✊🏾 @dorinda_cox @SenatorThorpe